Michele Sangineto, liutaio

Music is an extra language in Michele's family, one all the members speak, including wife and mother Paola who is also a crucial partner in Michele's professional work. Their son Adriano and daughter Caterina are professional musicians and composers who play the rare instruments Michele re-designs.

In 2000 Michele founded Ensemble Sangineto together with Paola and their twins. Touring in Italy and abroad, the group specializes in early music. Adriano and Caterina also perform as a duo.

They have released two CDs: "Salteri" (Red Edizioni, 2003) and "Altea Rossa" (Arpanetta 2006).

Adriano and Caterina play the instruments designed by Leonardo and depicted by other famous masters that Michele brings back to life.

"They are the living proof that my instruments can sound in an interesting way," says Michele. "Not only do they have a physical beauty but also give a beautiful sound."

Adriano and Caterina perform with Michele's Viola Oraganista based on the design of Leonardo da Vinci.
Rendition of "Wille Tayor" by the Ensemble Sangineto.

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