Michele is currently dedicating his efforts to the study, re-design and construction of musical instruments depicted in paintings and drawings by art masters and scholars of the Medieval and Renaissance periods including Leonardo da Vinci, Simone Martini, Giorgione, Piero di Cosimo, Gaudenzio Ferrari, Filippino Lippi, Van Eyck and Arnault de Zwolle.

"Those instruments were probably played by the art masters themselves," says Michele. "They were certainly played, then but fell into oblivion."

Today he continues to explore their beauty and magical sound.

He began his quest many years ago when he first combined his artistic and academic passions to relive visual and musical experiences that had long before vanished.

"If we don't look back and try to understand how audiences were entertained with these musical instruments, we will lose an opportunity to be fascinated by beautiful objects that still have much to give. It is important to revisit the past to understand the present. It is a renewal of perception," he says.

His work and ideas are made visible and audible through these rare instruments played by his son and daughter — and a host of others — to entertain modern-day audiences. Michele presents these rarities within a modern context of a newly composed pieces by the Ensemble Sangineto.

His goal is not to simply recreate an original musical instrument, but to add a modern commentary over the original morphology and musical sound.

And that creates parallels between past and present.

"The goal of my research is to provide tools for understanding culture and life," Michele says. "I give the young tools to investigate the past. Revisiting the past helps better understand the present."

Michele credits the quality of his to craftsmanship to an awareness of the "golden ratio".

"When I am working on a new instrument, I consider it finished when it achieves its own physical beauty, which is the most important aspect of its value," he says.

For Michele an instrument is beautiful when it has that golden relationship in its parts

"Yes beauty is harmony and is definitely the inalienable condition. It must be beautiful also before its ability of sounding well. Its sound belongs to you naturally when you hold it tight to your chest and heart. When you play it, you get in contact with your most inner feelings — it produces vibrations and touches our emotions directly. It becomes part of yourself". To achieve that transcendent state, that Michele actively cooperates with musicians.

"I am humbly at their disposal. I firmly believe in a work carried together. We become good friends. It is absolutely fundamental in my goal of cultivating each instrument's individual character and making sure it is preserved."

He also provides solid and individual consultation, assisting musicians, amateurs and students in their playing needs to reach sound they want to achieve.

Beyond that, he is always interested in international and national collaborations and partnerships on different projects. His cooperation with renowned master of the Celtic harp Alan Stivell is legendary. Mr. Stivell still uses the harp made by Michele in the recording studio.

Michele welcomes anyone who can spot iconographical material illustrating rare, obscure or unknown musical instruments so he can study, re-design and bring them back to life through his manual labor and intellectual effort.

He also appreciates cooperation with innovative musicians who need an instrument suitable for their experimental music challenges. "I am always very fascinated by musicians who are developing new rhythmic structures," Michele notes.

Finally, he warmly encourages leaders in politics, communities and foundations to promote values that integrate the intellectual, creative and human dimensions into an education worthy of the aspirations of the young.

"Of particular importance is the urgent task to believe in the young and give them the right opportunities responding to their natural desire for beauty and help them to transcend the dangers that can entrap them."

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