Musical instruments based on work by Renaissance painter Piero di Cosimo "Perseus Freeing Andromeda" by the Renaissance painter Piero di Cosimo was executed in 1510 or 1513 and is now in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.
The work shows the mythological hero Perseus killing the monster who entrapped Andromeda. Details include two fantastic musical instruments: A tamburin de Béarn united to a flute called a galoubet, which Michele has named the galoucorde. The second instrument, four-stringed, is peculiar because it is not referenced elsewhere, so Michele named it the sangicorde.
Fresco in the dome of the Marian sanctuary by mucian by Gaudenzio Ferrari Detail of the fresco in the dome of the Marian sanctuary in Saronno (1534-1538) by Gaudenzio Ferrari, himself a musician, showing the Assumption of Mary. The angelic concert has a dense wreath of angels singing and playing some 50 different instruments. Michele has re-designed and built several of the cordophones depicted.
Another detail of Ferrari's fresco shows an instrument called the cane rebec, which was played to start dances by providing rhythm.
Michele again used the Ferrari fresco for another type of rebec and a two-stringed galoucorde crossed by a flute.
Harp and plucked psaltery modeled on instruments in the Ferrari fresco.

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